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If you have a small bathroom, you may be feeling hopeless about making it look larger and more luxurious. Here are six ways to turn your small bathroom renovations Melbourne-wide into a luxurious shower destination!

Before you do anything: 6 steps to making your small bathroom into a luxurious shower destination

If you have a small bathroom, it’s not impossible to make it luxurious. Make sure your shower is spacious enough that you don’t feel confined in your own home. And if you’re short on space, maximize the space by placing your toilet next to it instead of against the wall.

1. Choose Your Destination

In order to choose the right bathroom shower area, you first need to think about where you want to spend your time while in the shower. Do you want natural light and waterfalls? Or do you want more control over how you let your water run? These questions need to be answered before you take any real small bathroom renovations Melbourne wide steps.

2. Ensure The Space Is Comfortable

To ensure the space is comfortable, it needs to be dry and well ventilated. You should have a ceiling fan in the bathroom if you’re going to have showers often or if you’re sharing your shower with someone else. Another important factor is lighting so that the space looks inviting and guests get a good impression of the shower before stepping inside.

3. Create A Feel-Good Atmosphere

The key to a luxurious bathroom is creating a feel-good atmosphere. Start with the lighting, which will help with the mood of your shower. Choose lights that have a soothing colour- temperature like gold or silver. Make sure there are plenty of candles and light bulbs in the room.

4. Add A Bathroom Fitting Luxuries

While your bathroom may be small, there are still many ways to add luxuries and make it feel more like a spa. You can buy a new shower head for your tub or a separate shower to increase steam and provide better control over the temperature. Another option is getting a high-quality bath mat that will keep you from slipping around in the tub. You could also get an ingenious shower curtain with side pockets to hold products like shampoo and conditioner while they’re in use, which saves time and space on your countertop.

5. Make Up For Lacking Lighting

For a luxurious shower experience, it might sometimes be difficult to get enough lighting in your bathroom. However, if you have a light source near the showerhead, this can be a great spot to get ready in the morning. If you don’t have any light sources near the sink, then an LED magnifying mirror is a great way to take care of that.

6. Throw In A Faucet Extension. 

A faucet extension adds some much-needed space to your sink. You can use it to hold brushes and other tools you need while in the bathroom. It will also give you a larger area to dry your hands after washing them with soap or after sudsing up the sink.

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Can I make my small bathroom more luxurious?

Yes, you can! One way is to make sure your bathroom doesn’t look small by installing a handheld shower. This won’t take up much space, and it will create a more spacious feeling in your bathroom.   Smaller bathrooms often don’t have all the luxuries that larger bathrooms do. A few simple changes can make a small bathroom renovations Melbourne wide look and feel more like a luxurious destination.