‘Home’ is not just a plot, four pillars, and a roof, it’s more than that. It’s a feeling as we experience our best and also the worst days at this place which is called our home. When no one will be there to hear our deep down sorrow, spending some personal time at home could make us feel good – Isn’t so? Every homeowner would feel the same because wherever we go & whatever we do, home is home. And, deciding whether to hire Professional Custom Home Builders Melbourne for home building or planning for the renovation – both of these situations can be confusing.

According to new home Builder, “there could never be a one-size-fits-all answer in between these choices”. This is because; there are many factors that need to consider when you renovate or even build a home.

What will you do? Umm… the best you can do in such a situation is to consider each option separately and then figure out which one will work perfectly for you.

Just give your time to read this post and you will be on a clear state of mind.

  • Home quality remains at the top

We all want our home to have a standard outlook and aesthetic appeal. Besides plumbing, heating systems and wiring, you need to focus on home’s workmanship. If you find your current home structure classy enough that modern touch could not compete with it then, it’s better to choose remodelling instead of fresh construction. This will give your home a slightly modern touch without affecting its originality. On the contrary, if your home is not in a good shape then, choosing custom home builder Melbourne could be better.

 Professional Custom Home Builders

  • Ops!!! Never miss to include neighbourhood

Considering the neighbourhood is the second most important thing you need to never miss. Are you having a strong emotional bond with your neighbourhood? Are your kids in love with their nearby school or is it preferable for you to reach the office? Will it be fine to leave all those amenities and lifestyle you are currently living behind? If you don’t want to leave all the comfort that you have now then, choosing home renovation is suitable.


  • Consider the finance

How could we forget the budget!!! If you have enough budgets to think about reconstruction then it’s well & good. But if you need to play under a defined amount then, choosing renovation over the home building is something that we would suggest. Well, with the limited budget, you could never implement the way of lifestyle that you have dreamt. However, giving your current home a better touch with smart home renovation ideas is still an open gate for you.


  • Will it be convenient?

Both the options, renovation and home building, will have their own challenges that you need to live with. When it comes to home renovation, you need to spend a few months with debris or even shift to any nearby accommodation. That will obviously depend upon the renovation requirements.

We hope you will get a better idea to choose in between home renovation and home construction. Approach Custom Home Builders Melbourne for more information!