We have heard it many times that you are doing everything right on social media to bring people over to your website! You are creating a wonderful email outreach and SMS campaign ( https://blurn.com/au/email-sms-marketing-services/). But somehow those visitors are not buying anything! It is like you are doing everything right to bring people to your shop, and then seeing them return without buying anything. There could be many behind this. But one that is most common is a bad web design. When people do not invest in a goodhttps://blurn.com/au/digital-marketing-services/web-design-services/best-web-design-company/sydney/ web design company Sydney, they make their business suffer.

Who would buy from a shop that has a torn floor, flickering lights, rusty gates, and a damp environment? A poor web design works similarly in terms of psychology. So, how does a web design impact lead conversion?

The relation between web design and lead conversion!

Let us take the above example again. When we look at how business used to be done till, the fundamentals were the same. The business had to sell a product or service; it had a business name; it used to market that name using marketing methods in an attempt to bring people in; then people would come into the shopping place and buy. Now, when things have turned digital, totally, the fundamentals are still the same. Just that the shop has turned into a website or an application, and marketing methods have turned into digital marketing methods.

You might be excelling on your digital marketing campaigns and SEO. You might be targeting people through SMS marketing – https://blurn.com/au/email-sms-marketing-services/ . People might be coming in huge numbers over to your final website. But then no one is buying anything and rather making you feel terrible. Such that you are visiting a website of a wine shop and buying yourself some ale of aid!

When people visit a website, they visit a shop. And when people visit the shop, their buying decision gets influenced by the design of the shop (or web design in our case).

What makes a web design bad for visitors?

A poorly built website could either be the work of a poor web designer or a poor web developer. This is why we always tell people to spend some money on a good web design company (Sydney). There are certain qualities that define a bad web design.

  • A poor User Interface (UI) where visitors cannot decide where to go and what to click.
  • Choice of harsh colors that are repulsive to the customer!
  • Bad coding issues leading to poor page experience.
  • Wrong choice of words leading to a sense of push-sell.
  • Poorly built landing pages that are not able to pitch the products or services
  • Poor use of patterns and spaces, that leads to a sense of threat or repulsion.
  • The font size is either too big or too small; the font style is not reading friendly.
  • The web design is not mobile friendly or responsive.
  • No HTTPS, SSL, and other security layers are placed on the website.
  • Advertisements on the product or landing pages.
  • The web surfing and scrolling experience is not smooth.

These are a few good examples of bad web design. Make sure that you do this final stage of selling the right way. Otherwise, all you invested money in SEO and marketing might easily fall dead.

How to have a web design that helps in lead conversion?

Web design works like the final nail in the coffin. If you get it right, you hold the right to get the growth. Unlike other things in the overall digital business campaign, web design impacts psychologically on the visitors. It is like a visitor has come to your shop and now you have to handle that visitor well to sell. Here are a few things that might help!

Place the right landing pages at the right places!

When it comes to the sales funnel, different landing pages work differently at different stages of business. A marketing funnel or sales funnel is a process that tells how visitors turn into customers. A sales funnel goes simply like this –

  • Users on the internet
  • Attracting those users
  • Users turn into visitors
  • Attracting those visitors and converting them into leads
  • Attracting those leads by various means and closing those leads by turning them into customers
  • Selling to those customers

Now, you need not work upon selling alone. You need to target different points of this funnel differently. Landing pages will be designed differently according to what stage they are targeting. Good landing pages are always the work of a good web design company (Sydney).

There are surfing issues on your website!

Certain coding issues can result in scrolling and clicking issues. The users might be trying to click on the buy button but to no avail. One needs to get a regular audit done to check if there are issues on the website or not.

The User Interface is a plain put off!

UI is something that makes people fall for your company, if it is beautiful and smooth. People might even make plans of buying something out of ‘falling in love with you’.

Make sure the User Interface of your website and mobile application is simple. If it is confusing, users might click back and visit someone else. The navigation is easy to understand and the font style and size is just perfect. Tell them what they have done when they interact with your website. Give them the option to reverse a mistaken click. The narration must be clear and simple.

There are security issues on your website!

It was not so early. But now, when a user visits a website that has not been properly secured and encrypted, it shows a warning to the user. Would you want to enter a shop if someone tells you at the gate that your money could be stolen inside? Not! At! All!

When making a website, or getting it done through a good web design company, make sure that it is properly encrypted. Use HTTPS and SSL certificates all the time. It will create a sense of security in the user’s mind and the user will feel safe all throughout!

Now, there could be a slightly different reason at all, it is that you are bringing in the wrong customers! It is the fault of a poorly built digital marketing campaign. Always make sure that you are choosing the right digital marketing agency. Doing the SMS and email marketing to the right crowd is very vital to the later stages. Get SMS marketing done through a reputed agency, like – https://blurn.com/au/email-sms-marketing-services/ .

A digital success of a business gets mostly decided by the choices it makes regarding web design and digital marketing companies. If it is right, the business is on the right path. Otherwise, the competition might not give the business enough chances to revive again.