Venetian Plaster is a traditional decorative technique that was used centuries ago in towns known for revolutionary architecture and decor. Today, the technique is equally as appealing, and it is used to complement the interior finishing of contemporary homes. We have a detailed guide to help you understand everything about the Venetian plastering technique, but this is a guide about its waterproof capabilities.

What is Venetian Plaster?

The marble-like polished finish you get from Venetian Plastering is all in the material’s make-up. The plaster creates a marbling effect because there is a dust-like look in the formula after everything is mixed. The materials that are mixed together include lime plaster, fine marble dust and pigments that help to alter texture quality and colour. Now that you understand what Venetian Plaster is and the formula to create it, we can explore its water resilience below. Rapid Rendering is an experienced Brisbane plaster and rendering expert and that means that we are amply experienced to advise you about this.

Is Venetian plaster waterproof?

Venetian plaster is not waterproof in its typically natural form. It will need the support of additional applications like sealants or otherwise to be water resistant. Don’t be discouraged by this! You can still add Venetian plastering in your bathroom or otherwise, with caution of course, but it will require the expertise of a professional to navigate the water concerns. While it may not be completely waterproof, Venetian plaster is still good at resisting the accumulation of moisture because the lime in the material mix is a natural product allows the walls to ‘breathe’. As long as you are engaging a certified professional who knows how to apply Venetian plaster, it can be made water resistant by using topical sealers which are applied to the surface. This doesn’t mean that the plaster is completely waterproof, but it will still be effective at dispersing moisture thanks to its breathability enhanced by sealing capabilities.

Why isn’t Venetian plaster waterproof? 

Venetian plaster, in its most natural state, is incredibly porous and that is always the case with more textured finishes. Smoother finishes like acrylic rendering in Brisbane are sure to be much less porous. Waxes and sealers can be applied to Venetian plaster to help with this issue and provide them with protection from marking. Sealed Venetian Plastering can be even lower maintenance than the typical application and provides homeowners with an easily wipeable and cleanable surface. Lime is really the magic ingredient in Venetian plaster materials that gives the formula its ability to breathe after application. However, it is still not recommended as a waterproof finish.

Can Venetian plaster be applied in wet environments?

With the right approach and professional application, Venetian plaster can be applied in typically wet environments. The lime-based materials make Venetian plaster a great choice for water-filled sections because they are not averse to moisture but still able to keep mould away. The high alkaline levels in lime will actively deter mould and bacteria growth which could occur in damp humid areas It just requires that important guidelines are followed when looking into using Venetian plaster in wet environment areas such as near swimming pools, hot tubs etc.

Benefits of Venetian plaster

Venetian plaster has endless texturing and colour capabilities to achieve any design style

  • It is a breathable wall finish
  • The lime in the formula helps in resisting mould and bacteria build-ups.
  • A cost-effective style option that offers a luxurious finish.
  • Venetian plaster is durable and easy to maintain.
  • No joint or grout lines.

If you want to maximize on the longevity of the benefits mentioned above, you need to rely on a certified and professional company to carry out the application process. The expertise of a professional is always the best if you aim to ensure longevity for your household renovations. Cheap, unprofessional applications may save you money, but they won’t last as long as those carried out by industry bodies cleared professionals.

Professional Venetian plastering services in Brisbane

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