Status quo doesn’t help with your Link Building process. As far as Link Building is concerned, you have to implement new and emerging things and concepts as and when necessary to make the process relevant and updated. As new trends and keywords keep getting floated in the internet and new opportunities abound as a result of them, it is necessary for the Digital Marketer to explore new ideas and techniques to improve the Link Building process.

Since you had actually started off with your Link Building process, it could have been several months and in this period the entire digital scape of the internet will have changed with more and more new platforms, online platforms and channels, and keywords and influences are making the internet far more different from where you set off. Times, scenarios and trends on the internet – most of them changed. So, your perspectives of the internet though only a handful of months ago do not match the realities on the ground in the present day. This is the internet, and it changes dramatically within very short periods of time.


With this as the backdrop, if you had done a comprehensive study to build a strong Link Building strategy, leave it undisturbed as it got the structure and skeleton intact. But, when it comes to activities, you can really overlook the present day happenings and trends. You have to really be up to date and publish content relevant to the present day covering issues, problems, needs and events as they emerge and unfold. Even if you had made an action plan, that should need a facelift, improvement and finetuning. Your approaches and appeal should meet the present day audience and their needs and expectations.

In order to do this perfectly, you need to have a research team in place that grabs and catches the pulse of the present day events and your target audience. They are supposed to know, catch and capture your target audiences’ profiles, expectations and needs, market trends and available opportunities so that you will be able to keep reshaping your promotional plan, maintain a constant flow of content publishing with trending topics, themes, topics, keywords and stories that will connect with the present day audience and make your ongoing Link Building process not only relevant and great but a successful campaign. Learn about  PerfectlinkBuilding Australia here.

Check Direction & Speed

It is really necessary that you monitor the direction and speed of your Link Building process so that it goes with the momentum of the market and according to your customers’ expectation. Checking the direction means you have to check whether it is aligned with your audience’s expectations, motives and needs in terms of topics to present day problems, situations, etc.

For example, if you are running an Ecommerce store, you will have to not only stock products that are on demand in a particular season but you have to really communicate to your target audience on the current product that you are stocking for the particular season well in advance.  You have to communicate using the right topics, blogs and keywords that will reach out to those audiences in advance and during the campaign period. Only then, these audiences will be able to access the content, read them, linkback to your eCommerce store and buy your product. As a result, the campaign becomes a successful one.

Otherwise, you got all the products in stock the right way but you have failed to deliver on your content marketing part. Handled this unprofessional way, your Link Building process is going to be a miserable failure and the whole process of business planning and implementation will not bear the intended result. Failed campaigns fail to cut ice with the audience and your objective of selling the goods on time during the particular season or period will not come through because though you have your product to reach your customers on time but your content has not reached them on time and properly. Buy seo packages perth here.

Check Quality & Consistency

The quality and consistency of your Link Building process has to be monitored continuously so that your brand gets viewed in the same way as you desire. Otherwise, your branding process gets wayward.

When it comes to quality and consistency in Link Building, it is not only about the quality of content used for the various purposes of Link Building, it is also about the implementation of the Link Building process. The quality of content refers to the quality of all your content including blogs, case studies, social media posts, content accompanying your videos, infographics  and images, tweets, alt+text of images, etc.

Consistency of a Link Building process refers to the regularity of the campaign activities fulfilling the calendar set for the Link Building process. Many things come into play here. They are  choice of platforms for content publishing, understanding of the implementation process, usage of the Digital Marketing tools for content publishing and measurement, use of Anchor Texts, keywords, hashtags, backlinked and backlinking web pages, meta descriptions and meta tags of various web pages, choice of the partner websites for content and link exchanges, and a host of things. You have to get all these right so that the whole set of activities work in tandem and produces a desirable result.

Check Performance & Results

The performance and results monitoring throws light on where you went wrong and lets you do course correction so that the process does not get derailed. As a result, your strategy performs to its full potential.

Check Media & Timing Suitability

Where you publish and how you publish your content means a lot and determines the success of your Link Building process. So, select the media and platforms so carefully and schedule your process in accordance with the lifestyles and usage of your target audience so that the posts will reach your audience and get engagements.

Check with Experts & Professionals

You can hire Link Building experts who make perfect balance between strategy and implementation and create the perfect plans for all the components of your Link Building process. They make all the parts work together and make the strategy work well including making your content publishing effortless and make your articles more interesting for your audience and produce the desired results.

Re-strategize the Plan In & Out

Revamping your entire Link Building strategy is nothing wrong and it is not a strange phenomenon in Digital Marketing. If you see the whole Digital Marketing trend has changed and and if you find your strategy is not really cutting the eyes, it is better to change it outright and and make whatever changes needed in order to improve it so that your Link Building process works and and you can make sense out of it.

Practically, there are two scenarios or instances you might need a change in your strategy. One, the transformation of the Digital Marketing scene due to unexpected market situations or it has been a long time since creating the strategy and hence, necessitating a change in the strategy. Two, your strategies are framed long before or created without help of the professionals in Link Building. In either of these cases, the better you change your strategy according to the prevailing trends and campaign requirements, the better your results are going to be in the short run and long run.

Re-implement It Out & Out

You can have a look at all your strategies, plans concepts and action plans and reorient or fine-tune them every month or once in every three months and ensure the relevance between various factors. If you are able to find something irrelevant, outdated and/or requiring improvements, you can always change them and implement your campaign again with new vigour.


Constant improvement means constant progress. So, make all and necessary changes to your strategy as and when needed and renew it. Implement new and improved strategy with all the vigour and zeal and keep improving the results whenever necessary. Make incorporating changes and improvements as integral part of the program itself than a sporadic or extra event and ensure the success of all your campaigns.