If the facility works with hazardous liquids, you should consider using safe storage and containment which is crucial to avoid environmental damage, regulation violations and worker accidents.


Bunding is a system that could easily contain the Spill station, bunding, and leaks that forms a secondary perimeter around stored liquids. Any escapes or leaks that occur could be captured more easily with bunding. It can help you comply with the safe containment, diversion and storage of dangerous liquids. Designed as a solution to store all sizes of containers or drums that holds acids, fuels, oils, corrosives, paints, coolants. Solvents and herbicides. Conveniently available in cabinets, pallets, trolleys and spill trays, there would be bundings to suit the wash bay, fuel depot or warehouse. Prevent hazardous liquids from causing harm to the workmates and environment.

You could buy different accessories related to spill containment from spill stations and other companies.

IBC Bunding

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) and drums are used to store semi-solids, solids and liquids. The capacities range from 200-to 1000 litres, the extensive damage could occur in the event of a spill. Making use of IBC bund and drum bunded spill pallets would help in reducing the risk of spills.

If hazardous chemicals are stored like acids and alkalis, bunded chemical storage is essential for safe storage and transport. Bunded spill pallets would provide low-profile leak and spill-proof storage which can potentially prevent damaging spills. Some spill bunds are forklift compatible and available in polyethene and steel for durability. If you are looking for bunding or installing a spill station, take a look at the link – https://www.spillstation.com.au/bunding/

Bunded Work Floors

Drum bund work floors are flexible decking solutions for liquid handling areas at the workplace. A low-profile design provides easy access while a slip-resistant finish would reduce the accident risks. Ramps could also be used for improved accessibility.


Floor Bunding

There is a variety of floor bunding to suit all types of environments. You could get indoor and outdoor use without compromising access for staff and vehicles. Our bunding stops spills from spreading from work areas into waterways and drains.

PVC floor bunding is cost-effective and a flexible way of bunding large areas that contain flammable liquids. Rubber bunding is ideal for use around wash bays, pallet racking, fuel dispensing areas and oil storage facilities. Megabund is made from extruded polyurethane and features excellent chemical resistance which makes it ideal for containing hazardous liquids.

Barrier floor bunding would provide an effective low-cost alternative for storing liquid chemicals. Aluminium floor bunding is made from marine-grade aluminium that has great corrosion resistance properties. Non-sparking and non-magnetic properties make it ideal for areas containing explosive vapours.


Portable Collapsible Bunding

Collapsible sidewall bunding is a portable solution for compliant and safe storage equipment and drums. They are made of heavy-duty PVC material, the unique sidewall design collapses so it can be driven by forklifts and machinery. Triangular foam sidewall bunding is the easiest and fastest to deploy and ideal for the temporary storage of liquids. Durable construction with high-quality materials makes it compatible with vehicles.