Choosing a pre-owned car is a big decision, especially if you’re looking for the reliability and value that come with a Hyundai. The good news is that Hyundai used cars Melbourne come with an even bigger selection of benefits than non-certified used cars. Here are just some of the reasons why you should buy certified:

hyundai used cars melbourne

  • You could get a late model, low mileage car.

You could get a late model, low mileage car. With a used cars Melton, you can be sure that the vehicle you are buying is less than 3 years old and has fewer than 50,000 miles on it. This means that the vehicle will still have all of its manufacturer’s new car warranty remaining when purchased from us at our dealership. If not more!

Certified Hyundai used cars Melbourne also come in great condition because they’re checked by technicians before being put up for sale at our dealership. As we said earlier in this post, these vehicles are priced below market value so expect to get lots of bang for your buck!

There are payment plans for everyone.

Here are some of our favourite Hyundai financing options:

  • Lease plans. If you want to drive a new or pre-owned car without having to make monthly payments, then leasing is the way to go. You’ll still need good credit, but it’s worth considering if you want the latest technology inside your ride and don’t want any money down.
  • Finance plus plans. These offer low monthly payments with possible cash back after certain terms are met; for example, $500 back when you pay off your loan in full within 24 months or $1,000 back if paid off within 36 months.* Bad credit financing help available! No matter what kind of credit score you have (or lack), we’ll find an option that works for you—even if it’s just providing a lease vehicle through an affordable plan with no money down. First-time buyer incentives are also available! If this applies to you and/or your household members who’ll be driving the loaner vehicle(s), we can help ensure that qualification standards are met so as not to jeopardize such opportunities as well as personal financial gains afforded under them.

You might save money on insurance costs.

Buying a certified pre-owned vehicle can help you save money on insurance costs, which is an added benefit to consider when shopping for your next car. You can find all of the information you need about Hyundai’s Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles on their website or at your local dealership.

You can get almost-new car features without paying the price of a new car.

When you purchase a certified pre-owned Hyundai, you can get almost-new car features without paying the price of a new car.

used cars melton

Used cars Melton have many of the same features as new cars, but they are normally cheaper to buy and have lower insurance costs, maintenance costs, and depreciation. For example:

  • A 2017 Hyundai Elantra Limited Sedan with an MSRP of $23,930 has a sticker price of $17,000 after CPO certification and discounting. This means that it has already depreciated roughly 20% from its original list price (and this is before accounting for any additional incentives). If your purchase includes 0% financing over 72 months or a NACA lease deal on select models (which allows you to make payments based on 15k miles per year), then there are even more savings on top!
  • Another example would be a 2018 Santa Fe Sport Limited AWD SUV with an MSRP of $47995 that sells for only $39500 after CPO certification discounts allowing customers access to many exciting options such as 18″ alloy wheels & blind spot detection system at no extra charge when compared against its MSRP! It comes equipped with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto capability.


There are lots of reasons to buy Hyundai used cars Melbourne. If you’re looking for a used car, the CPO program can help you get a late model, low mileage car with great financing and warranty options. If you’re unsure about buying an older vehicle, this program offers peace of mind that comes with knowing that your new ride has been inspected by experts and gone through rigorous testing before it ever gets sold to you.