Side Panel damage can be a real pain to repair. There are so many variables that go into it, from the type of damage to the make and model of your car. In this post, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about side panel repairs, from what common issues can arise to how much it will cost you. So, whether your side panel needs a simple fix or a full replacement by panel beaters Thomastown, read on for the information you need.

Start with the worst damage.

Start with the worst damage first. The reason for this is that you will see how the two pieces of wood are connected, and you’ll be able to tell what type of repair works best for them. If there is large damage on one side of the door, don’t worry about it if you can fix everything else first—your main goal should be to get the door functioning again so that it opens and closes properly, regardless of how rough it looks.

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Once you’ve figured out what type of repair will work best for your situation and how much damage needs fixing, gather your tools: a hammer and chisel (or some other tool), sandpaper (or another coarse material), masking tape, or some other adhesive material (if needed), an electric sander or hand sanding block, primer paint (if needed), topcoat paint (if needed).

Beware of the airbag.

  • Remove the airbag.
  • Remove the airbag cover.
  • Remove the airbag sensor.
  • Remove the airbag connector from the steering wheel and the console assembly is equipped with an aftermarket stereo system or from its mounting bracket on other models.
  • If applicable to your vehicle model, disconnect any harnesses at either end of this module as well as any harnesses between this module and other assemblies such as seat control assemblies or modules located underneath seats (front seats) or behind seats (rear seats).

Straighten things out.

You can use a heat gun, hammer and dolly, torch, sander, or jack to straighten the metal technology. Heat guns work by heating up the area of damage and then bending it back into place with pliers or other tools. A hammer and dolly are used to pound on the metal until it is flat again.

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Torches can also be used to straighten metal pieces but take care not to overheat them! If you do happen to burn your car damage repair project accidentally, try using an acetone-based nail polish remover like Pure Acetone Polish Remover (Alcohol-Free) made by OPI Products Incorporated as well as some sandpaper because both these items will remove paint from plastic without leaving behind any residue which might cause more damage later down the road when you try again this time with better precision than before during practice runs prior before starting any real repairs today!

Sand down surfaces, but avoid paint removal.

To repair your car properly, you need to sand down any existing paint and plastic. You can do this with wet and dry sandpaper.

  • Use a paint scraper to remove any remaining bits of paint that might be attached to the car’s body. If there is still some left, use a hammer to remove dents and cracks in the plastic or metal by hitting it gently with the ball end of your hammer (make sure you don’t hit it so hard that you break anything).
  • Heat up plastic or metal using a heat gun until it shrinks into place; this works especially well for bumpers and other parts that may have been damaged during an accident.


The side panels on a car are important for both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the vehicle. Side panel damage can be caused by many things, including accidents, vandalism, or weather conditions. There are several ways to crash repairs side panel damage depending on the severity of the damage and where it is located on the car. Some common methods of repairing side panel damage include using body filler, fiberglass, or metal sheeting. -It is important to choose the right method of repair in order to ensure that the damage is properly fixed and does not continue to worsen over time. To have peace of mind, leave it on panel beaters Thomastown.