What is a singing bowl? It’s a bowl that produces sound when you rub it with something. You might think that all bowls are made the same, but this couldn’t be further from the truth!
In fact, there’s an entire world of singing bowl enthusiasts out there who know their way around these instruments and use them for everything from meditation to healing.
If you’re new to using singing bowls in your life, here are some tips on how to buy singing bowls and start getting the most out of them:

Sound quality is paramount.

The most important when you buy singing bowls is the quality of the singing bowl, which is its sound. A good bowl should produce a clear, crisp sound that resonates outwards and is pleasing to the ear. It should also be loud enough that you can hear it clearly from across the room or outside of your home.

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The thicker and heavier the bowl, the longer it will sustain its vibration when struck, allowing for a more sustained continuous tone than thinner bowls with higher surface area-to-volume ratios.

Smaller bowls with thinner walls are, therefore, more suited for use as ashtrays or decorative objects; larger ones designed for meditation purposes will have more padding on their rims so that they don’t damage delicate surfaces like hardwood floors when placed down forcefully after being played loudly (which may happen accidentally as part of your practice).
Bowls should be built with a variety of metal alloys.

A singing bowl is made from a variety of different metals, alloys and materials. The combination of these elements creates a unique sound for each bowl, which is why it is important for the maker to have a good understanding of the properties of each material. A good example would be using copper to create overtones and then adding bronze to bring out the bass tones.

One way you can tell if your bowl has been built with quality alloys is by paying attention to its weight. If it feels like it weighs more than other bowls you own, then chances are that it’s made up of better materials!

Bowls should be made by hand.

You should also keep in mind that handcrafted bowls are more expensive, but they are also more durable and have a better sound. When you buy a singing bowl from an artisan, you can also be sure that your bowl was made by someone who cares about the outcome of their work.

This is important because it helps ensure that your bowl will be pleasing to the eye as well as have a beautiful tone.

A good bowl should have the right proportions.

A good singing bowl should have the right proportions. This is important for producing a good sound, as well as function in your practice sessions. The bowl should be heavy enough to produce a rich tone but not so heavy that it’s difficult to play.

It should also feel balanced in the hand when you hold it; if it’s too light or too heavy, it could be difficult to hold steadily while playing and could make playing uncomfortable.

The shape of the singing bowl is also important; if the curve at the bottom of your vessel isn’t shaped correctly, it won’t produce a very full or musical tone.
A poorly shaped vessel may also cause problems in using your own breath as an instrument with which to play your bowls (see the section on breathing techniques).


When you buy singing bowls, it’s important to remember that quality is paramount. Not only should the bowl have an even tone, but it should also be made with a variety of metals like copper or nickel, which create different sound qualities and pitches. Finally, an ideal bowl should be handcrafted from high-quality materials by skilled artisans who understand the craftsmanship required to make such an instrument.