SPEC vs Custom Home Builders – Which one is the best

Every new home builder does some research before hiring the builders. If you have done it too, “spec home” and “Custom Home Builders Melbourne” are the words you might have read on many online sites.

Many people don’t have a clear concept of the difference between spec home and custom home. Do you know how spec and custom homes are different?

Well, the answer is simple: it depends on how much freedom you want for the design and features of the home.

Spec Homes

Spec home is built without any specific owner involved in the construction. The builders determine the entire design and features of the home depending on the latest trends and what they find appealing to the buyers. From windows to doors to paint to interior layout, they do it all as per their choice and what might close the deal quickly. In such a case, you may or may not find the home of your type and the builders don’t customise the property in such cases.

A spec home can be a ready-to-move space but isn’t going to be any different than most of the spec homes, so don’t get disappointed if you find the same interior in your neighbour’s home as well.

Custom Home Builders Melbourne

Custom Homes

  • A custom home is all about – you, your requirements, and desires. You can create your custom home in your way. You will be the decision-maker of the architecture, design, paint, features, and everything else.
  • Following are everything that you can do with your custom home builders:
  • Need a retirement home? Make the shower entry and doors wide in case you or your partner needs a wheelchair or walker in future.
  • Need a home for a couple? Increase space by eliminating extra rooms.
  • Need extra space for kids? Ask your Custom home builders Melbourne and they will choose the best home extension option for you.
  • Need an energy-efficient house? Go for better R-value walls and pick the best window, door and roofing option
  • Need a huge outdoor space? Go for pergolas and decking that will enhance your home and provide you with extra outdoor space.
  • Custom homes might be a bit pricey but when it comes to getting the home that fits your requirements and daily needs, it’s worth it.
  • You can also pick other options such as modular kitchen, kitchen extension, separate shower area, including a bathtub, industrial lights, unique staircase, skylights, etc.
  • In simple words, plenty of options are there with custom homes. You can make a home of your desires that will match not only present but future requirements as well. All you have to do is just get in touch with the right custom home builder.

The verdict

SPEC Home is suitable for those who need a well-designed place which is ready-to-move on urgent basis. Those who want everything to be as per their requirements should go for custom homes. Many custom home builders in Melbourne are there to help you with your dream home.

So which one do you want?