Even while parents are accustomed to handing off children to “fun zone” locations for birthday parties, if parents are invited, the event location should take their satisfaction into account as well. The goal is to pick Birthday Party Venues Perth that will encourage parents to attend the party.
While organising your event can be a time-consuming and occasionally intimidating task. Your guest list, the location, the entertainment, and many other factors need to be taken into account. However, food should be a top priority when planning any birthday party. How well your guests eat while celebrating will depend on the catering menu options!

Decide the time of the event.

When planning your event, you’ll want to keep in mind the time of day. The menu options that are available will largely depend on what time of day it is. A light breakfast or brunch would be appropriate if your party is early in the morning. For an afternoon event, consider lunch options—perhaps something casual like sandwiches and wraps. In the evening, have dinner catered with more formal dishes like steaks or filets mignons (which can also be ordered by those who prefer a lighter meal). For this reason, hiring Birthday Party Venues Perth with an efficient planning staff will help you to avoid stress and save time.

Consider allergies

Before choosing which catering menu options to serve at your birthday party venue, it’s important to consider people with allergies. Some of the foods that should be avoided are:
Nuts – Anyone who has a peanut allergy should steer clear of anything made with peanuts, including peanut butter and certain sauces.
Dairy Products – It’s best for people with lactose intolerance or other dairy allergies to avoid cheese altogether; however, if you do have cheese on your catering menu, make sure there is plenty of soy-based cheeses available for those who need them.

If you’re planning to serve non-vegetarian foods

If you’re planning to serve non-vegetarian foods, you may want to consider how your guests might feel about that. If some people at your party are vegetarian or vegan, they may not want their food served with meat products. They may also have allergies that prevent them from eating certain foods.
If you’re serving vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, make sure that all ingredients are clearly labelled so everyone can make informed choices about what they eat. This will help ensure everyone has a good time without being upset by something they didn’t expect on their plate!

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Opt for non-messy foods

Avoid foods that are messy and difficult to eat. For example, if your venue has a buffet-style spread of finger foods, consider offering desserts like cupcakes or cake pops for guests to enjoy instead of allowing them to pile up on the table and make a mess when they try to pick them up.
Select snacks that can be easily eaten in one bite rather than larger items like sandwiches or burgers. This is especially good advice if you’re having an outdoor party since you don’t want guests getting their hands dirty while trying to hold onto their food while navigating through crowds at an event space.

Include kid-friendly foods

The next step to choosing the best catering menu options for a birthday party venue is to include kid-friendly foods. You want to make sure that you choose food items that are not only fun and delicious but also easy for kids to eat on their own and clean up after themselves.
A great way to ensure that your party will be successful is by working with the best Birthday Party Venues Perth experts that can provide you with a detailed list of everything you need to complete your party. This will save you tons of time and reduce stress, making it easier for everyone involved!

Avoid aerated drinks

It is important to avoid aerated drinks as much as possible at the party. The reason for this is that these drinks have high sugar content, which can make you feel tired and sleepy during an event that requires you to stay alert. In addition, aerated drinks may have negative effects on your health if consumed in large quantities.
Instead of serving these sugary beverages, it would be better to serve fruit juices or water instead. This will help you avoid getting impaired by the effects of sugar and give your guests an opportunity to stay hydrated throughout the day/night with a healthy alternative drink option!


We hope that the tips we’ve offered can help you decide what your guests want to eat at the party. We also hope you will have a great time no matter your food choices!