If you are getting a panel beater quote or have already been quoted, it is important to know whether or not the quote is fair. If you’re concerned that your panel beater might overcharge you, then here are some signs that can help you make sure you don’t get ripped off:

Panel Beaters

Your original quote goes way over

If you have been given a quote significantly higher than the original estimate, that is a clear sign of overcharging. A Panel Beaters Melbourne who is trying to rip you off will try to increase their quote by adding on unnecessary extras or charging more for parts than they should.

If this happens, it’s best to get out of there as soon as possible and head over somewhere else where you can trust them with your car repairs!

You find cheaper quotes elsewhere

If you find a cheaper quote elsewhere, go with it. If the panel beater refuses to match the price, that is usually a sign that they are overcharging you.

The only time a panel beater should not match another panel beaters price is if they have done work on an additional car for you at no cost and have already worked off their time and materials involved in doing so.

You should always get a written quote from any panel beating business before having them do any work on your vehicle.

You don’t receive a written quote

If you don’t receive a written quote, you should ask the panel beater for one. A written quote will save both of you time and effort later on.

If he or she refuses to provide you with one, then it may be time to start looking for another company to work with, as this is something that just isn’t done in the industry.

The panel beater doesn’t want to get the parts you want

The second sign is when the panel beater wants to remove some parts you want. For example, let’s say you want your front bumper replaced, but the panel beater has a crack in it and would rather use a brand new one. This is a red flag because they are trying to make more money off of you by replacing unnecessary parts with new ones. It’s important to look at this as a warning sign because if they’re willing to do this once, chances are they’ll do it again!

Smash Repairs

If you are being treated disrespectfully and overcharged, it is probably time to look for another panel beater.

If you are being treated with disrespect and overcharged, it is probably time to look for another panel beater.

Panel beaters usually fix dents and scratches on cars by hammering out the dents. Most panel beaters work from their own shops or garages, which means they can set their own prices for services. While this may seem good, inexperienced or unscrupulous panel beaters often fix minor damage at high costs to make more money for themselves.


If you have any of these warning signs, it may be time to switch panel beaters or other Smash Repairs Melbourne. Most panel beaters will agree to give you a written quote before work begins and will try their best to only charge for the parts they need to replace. The cost of repairs can indeed go up when unexpected damage is discovered, but this isn’t reason enough on its own for your bill to skyrocket! If you’ve been treated with disrespect or feel like something isn’t right about what has happened during repairs then don’t hesitate; get out now while there’s still time.