Organic Merbau Decking is a new material in the world of boards and materials, boasting eco-friendly, maintenance-free properties that stand above (and even below) other decking options. While prices vary greatly depending on where you find Ironbark Timber Decking in Melbourne, the quality and strength of these boards are definitely improved over other alternatives.

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Merbau wood (Merbau jawa) is a tropical hardwood that has been used for centuries in the Southeast Asia region for its unusual properties. Merbau wood is a very durable and long-lasting outdoor option, making it ideal for areas where weather conditions can be unpredictable. Additionally, Merbau Decking Melbourne is prone to little to no decay and can be easily trimmed and maintained.

One of the most notable features of merbau wood is that it is resistant to termites and other insects. This makes merbau wood an excellent option for areas near buildings or trees that are susceptible to these pests. Additionally, merbau wood is also resistant to insect-borne fungus, making it an excellent option for areas near creeks or wetlands.

Overall, merbau wood is a durable and long-lasting outdoor option that is well-suited for areas that may be prone to adverse weather conditions or pests.

  • Has Merbau Decking reached the perfect place to make it an entry-level wood?

Merbau wood, also known as Amazon wood, is perfect for the long-term outdoor option. The wood has a unique color and grain that makes it difficult to paint or stain, making it last for many years without fading or rot. Plus, Merbau decking is extremely strong and resistant to insect infestations and moisture damage.

Merbau Decking Melbourne

  • Moisture and mildew

Moisture and mildew are two main factors that can reduce the lifespan of wood products. Merbau wood is naturally low in moisture content, so it’s less likely to succumb to these conditions. Additionally, merbau wood is also treated with a special fungicide that inhibits the growth of fungi. This means that your merbau wood furniture will last for a long time without fading or rotting.

  • Enhancements for longevity

Merbau is a hardwood that has an incredibly long lifespan. The wood is made up of close-grained fibers that create a resistant surface against water, weather, and insects. Additionally, the wood is naturally rot-resistant and doesn’t require any sealant or treatment to keep it looking beautiful for years to come. If you’re looking for an outdoor option with longevity and are willing to put in the extra work, merbau is the perfect choice!


Over the years, many homeowners have turned to Merbau wood as the best outdoor option for their home.  The unique properties of this type of lumber make it one of the most durable materials available, and it can be used in a variety of applications outside the home.

Merbau wood is a sustainable choice because it does not require harmful chemicals or treatments during the manufacturing process. It is also water-resistant, meaning that it can survive periods of drought and routine weather changes.  In addition, Merbau wood is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which means that it has been carefully managed throughout its lifecycle to ensure environmental integrity.

Given these benefits, Merbau wood is worth considering for any homeowners looking for a long-term outdoor solution. If you are looking to update your outdoor, then be sure to purchase good quality stuff from timber supplies Melbourne company.