It’s important for you to get a deck that lasts the test of time. Why is this? One reason is, it’s worth the money that goes into it, and you can be sure you won’t have to replace your deck after each year like other types of flooring do.

Learn more about Silvertop Ash Decking Melbourne in this article!

What are Silvertop Ash Deckings?

Silvertop Ash Decking in Melbourne converts the waste from your fire pit into natural fertilizer while simultaneously insulating at least 1/2 inch below deck to reduce spalling. Silvertop provides an alternative to wood-based decking and fiberglass; however, it is important to locate the deck in a location where you are aware of any known fire requirements, as well as to monitor for and remediate any negatively-evergreened portions.

Let’s talk about Silvertop Ash. It’s a great forestry product – very useful for reforestation and wildlife habitat. Because it looks awesome, natural abundance, territorial and rural organizations utilize elements of Silvertop Ash in their own landscape layouts.

Silvertop Ash Decking Melbourne

Where is Silvertop Decking used?

Silvertop decking is a popular option of exterior covering that is used by homeowners who want to improve the look and feel of their homes. The most common places to use are Silvertop decking areas on the roof, backyard, garage, island decks, and porch. The unique metal coating on a Silvertop deck will reflect light while still allowing it to penetrate through. These qualities make Silvertop decking ideal for outdoor living rooms and patio spaces.

How do Silvertop Ash Deckings work to extend a property?

Silvertop ash decks are environmentally sustainable and a fantastic way to extend your home. They have fewer environmental and sustainability issues compared to other options such as concrete, timber or plastic decking, or hardwood because they allow water vapor visibility and air exchange. This makes them much more durable in contrast with other outdoor surfaces Materials such as wood can’t withstand the same conditions.

What type of maintenance does it need?

Silvertop Ash Decking Melbourne has a restorative property which means it doesn’t experience visible signs of wear when you walk on it, although it does need special attention with regard to maintaining its appearance. While low maintenance is generally not the most well-liked trait in natural or man-made products, Silvertop Ash Decking is a resilient landscape material that will last through years of enjoyment.

How easy is it to install them at my home?

Many homeowners may be hesitant to buy decking because they are complicated to install. The reason why the Silvertop Ash Decks come in pre-boxed and quick assemble kits is that they are easy to install and will add significantly to your property.


When looking to purchase a brand new home, high on many people’s list is the option of making their home look as appealing as possible. To do this, many individuals choose Silvertop Ash Decking Melbourne for the exterior and interior wood because it will not only make a house look appealing but it also lasts for years without requiring any maintenance or repairs. If you think about it, most homes are wrapped in siding, so in reality, the roof isn’t typically exposed to the elements, the one exception being an attic. But this doesn’t have to be an issue. There are special cladding options that can allow a home’s roof to remain exposed while still being protected from all types of weather conditions.