Do you know anything about the pile foundation or Screw Piles? If you have any interest in the home construction, then you heard this word from the contractor or any builders oy your elder one.

Want to learn everything about the screw pile and Screw Pile Design? To help you here, we provide a complete guide about the pile foundation and screw pile.

  • Pile Foundations

In the ancient time, timber pile foundation is popular. In the type of construction number of the timber, stakes fit into the ground with row formation. Now a day different types of steel pile foundation available in the market which is described below,

  • Steel rail pile
  • Steel box pile
  • Disk pile
  • Screw pile
  • Introduction of Screw Piles

The founder of screw piles foundation is blind Irish engineer Alexander Mitchell. This foundation basically uses for the lighthouse at the beginning of its founded years. But nowadays it is more popular for the construction industry, telecommunication, railways and many more.

Screw Piles Contains steel tubes which are constructed with steel and 1,2 or 3 helices per-construction requirements. The pipe which uses helices is known as a lead section. These helices are used as screw, and when you put some torture, then it fits into the ground. In the lead section, you can add one or two extensions as per ground strength and basic need of structure.

  • Purpose of Screw Pile Foundation

We get some basic information about the screw pile. Now you should know the meaning of installing a screw pile at the industrial area. Here is the answer,

  • To convey a load of construction through a factual of bad bearing capacity to passable bearing capacity.
  • For increasing load-bearing capacity of soil
  • To remove objectionable clearance
  • For resisting lateral loads
  • To provide retaining structure
  • Benefits of Screw Piles

When you are ready to install the screw pile foundation, which thing convince you for taking such a decision. Your answer should be it several benefits obviously. The advantages of screw piles are,

It is easy to install a different type of surface.

It has a fabulous load-carrying capability.

The screw pile provides you with minimal site disturbance in the installation process.

You can monitor as well as verify the load capacity in the installation

Modular construction

  • Limitation

Not fit for some soli.

Need for various type of equipment in the installation for essential performance.

Do not available in a various range of structure.


That’s it. These are an overview of the Screw Pile and necessary information. If you have any query, then you can ask in the comment section.