You are reading this article because you have a website in your mind that you dream of seeing the cream of SERP. And when we talk of top SERP page, we talk of heart-sickening efforts that get put behind a website. There is SEO, web design, digital marketing campaigns and whatnot! And just when we think it is all over, there comes the link building thing. Our brows raise in worries. But there is no other option than to invest in the required areas. Link Building is considered to be a tough row to hoe, and a necessary one indeed. This is why big companies invest big to buy quality backlinks. But when we look at the guidelines provided by Google, we see that to buy backlinks is against its terms. So, what to do?

Should you buy backlinks to support your website’s link building?

Is it legal to buy backlinks in 2022?

Google considers Link Building as a primary ranking factor. The better the link building of a website, the fairer its chances of getting to the highest rung. And for this very reason companies try their best at link building. They hire the Gandalf in the field of magical Link Building agencies to buy backlinks. But just when we look at guidelines provided by Google, it abstains one from buying backlinks. So, what to do? And where to draw the line when it comes to buying backlinks?

What does Google say about buying backlinks?

If you look at the guidelines provided by Google, you find that Google warns against going towards Link Schemes. It says that buying or selling of links in order to manipulate the Google rankings is not advised. It defines Link Schemes roughly as this –

  • Buying and selling of links!
  • Exchanging links in order to create a network and pass link juice intentionally.
  • Large scale marketing of articles and guest posts in order to gain higher SERP ranks.
  • Using bots or automated programs to create automatic links.

These are all the things that Google does not want you to do. But, when you look at how things get done in the digital world, you’ll find how hard it is to get to the top of SERP. Websites strive hard by even creating a digital campaign. And then when you talk about getting natural links, you see that it will take you ages. There is no way a business can wait for ages in the age when things change within seconds. This is the reason that companies invest to buy quality backlinks. But, why does Google shuns buying backlink?

Why does Google prohibit you from buying backlinks?

The story goes back towards the beginning of all this. We are talking about the years around 2000. The internet was fairly new and people were going gaga behind it. Their eyes and jaws and tongues were dropped – figuratively indeed. The internet was a revolution happening before them and they saw an opportunity in it – an opportunity to rise. This was the time when Google was becoming famous. It had a revolutionary idea – to rank websites on the SERP, it was using link building as a factor. The idea was very similar to human social structure and psychology.

Businesses started to make their websites in order to grow. And because they knew link building was the factor, they started doing link farming. Link Farming involved creating a network of websites and linking them to each other. The higher the links the better their growth. And it worked for quite some time until Google got stronger. Now, it easily detects link farming. People started selling poor quality links in huge numbers. This led to a cesspool of links. Now, cheap websites were coming to the top of the SERP. This is why Google is against buying backlinks.

It still says that one should not buy backlinks. But people buy backlinks because it is what is required in the digital world. There is no chance a website can make without investing in buying backlinks. However, it does not mean that you can buy any backlinks. There are things that you need to be wary of in order to cherish their weekend party.

What are the types of backlinks that you need to avoid?

When it comes to backlinks, one should not go and buy any backlinks out there. Now, the Google algorithm is stronger and it can easily detect manipulative backlinks. This is why companies go for quality backlink agencies that know how to work through. The thing is that one should not buy backlinks, but one should not buy spam and cheap backlinks.

When we talk about link building, there are only certain kinds of backlinks that help a website. What are these backlinks that help a website gain SERP rankings?

  • Backlinks from the websites under the same niche.
  • Links with higher quality DA and PA scores.
  • Links from websites that are safe and secure.
  • The backlinks are not spam and the websites have a good EAT score.

There are companies out there that are selling bulk backlinks at a very cheap price. These ads were popular in 2010. But people are still falling for them. These spam backlink providers do nothing but provide you with hundreds of spam backlinks. This does nothing more than hurting your website. The result? Your website gets penalized and even banned from search engine servers. You end up paying to quality SEO companies to remove these backlinks. The thing is that you need not avoid paying for backlinks but paying for poor quality backlinks. It hurts the overall quality of the internet.

How to get backlinks for link building in 2022?

The Google algorithm has gotten stronger. Its eyes are more powerful than ever and its brain the sharpest ever seen. It has the ability to detect unnatural links. When you buy backlinks from poor quality companies, you get unnatural links with low DA and PA scores. Furthermore, you get backlinks from websites that are not in your niche. It indicates Google that something is wrong because unrelated websites are linking to each other. This is why you always need to invest in prestigious and expert quality companies that deal in backlinks. Always buy quality backlinks from an expert company that has a proven past record and gives you links from the niche website.

Furthermore, make sure that you are getting the backlinks with high DA and PA scores. This will ensure that your website gets the link juice to support its digital veins. These are the requirements of an infant website to grow gracefully in this highly competitive digital world. Near to 91% of all the websites in the world get zero organic traffic in their lifetime. Reason? Poor link building and SEO. Thus, it is always good to invest some in quality services rather than seeing zero customers throughout life.