Every summer comes with lots of fun such as ice-bucket challenge, road trips, pool parties, etc. and mosquitoes. They can make a person’s life miserable. If you are about to hire the pest control Melbourne, there are a few aspects you should know about mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes might be attracted to certain blood type or they may attack those who are wearing a specific clothes colour.

What’s true what’s not, let’s find out!

  1. Do specific blood types attract a specific blood type?

Professionals have stated that mosquitoes are attracted to a specific blood type. However, we all get bitten by mosquitoes, but some people get bitten more. Some unlucky blood types are like magnets to the mosquitoes.

  1. Which Blood type is prone to get bitten by mosquitoes?

O-blood type is more than just universal donors. They are the most delicious food for mosquitoes. As per some studies inspects landed on O-blood type more often than the people with other blood types.

But people with other blood types got bitten by mosquitoes as well.

Well, each human secretes unique chemicals from their body. Depending on your DNA, the type of chemical and blood type is determined. Doctors say that mosquitoes are attracted to some of such chemicals such as lactic acid.

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  1. Other factors

Apart from the blood type, many other aspects make mosquitoes to bite you more. What are these factors, let’s take a look below:

  • Clothes Type: Believe it or not, cloths type plays a crucial whether or not mosquitoes will bite you. You see, mosquitoes are attracted to darker colours as they are visually active. So if you are not a big fan of light colours in summers, you are probably inviting mosquitoes to bite you. Also, bare skin is an open invitation to mosquitoes. You might have heard people covering their bodies when going out even in summers. They don’t do any wrong. When you are out for a long time in an open space, ensure you don’t expose much of your body parts.
  • Metabolism: Yes, a person’s metabolism rate can attract mosquitoes. The carbon dioxide exhaled by humans is an indication for the insects about the meal. Those with high metabolism produce more carbon dioxide and hence attract mosquitoes more. This means pregnant women, persons who have just come out from the gym, and those who have high resting metabolic rate are more prone to get mosquitoes bites.  
  1. How to get rid of it?

Hiring professional Pest control Melbourne eastern suburbs are the only way to get rid of mosquitoes from your home or office. If you have been doing several DIYs and still can’t see visible results, it’s time you get in touch with the experts. They have effective remedies, products, and techniques that prevent mosquitoes from entering your home and killing the existing ones. Moreover, they have experience and will provide you with the solution suitable for your location, climate, and home typed. So it’s better to contact professionals whenever mosquitoes attack your indoor or outdoor.