As per global rule, everything comes with their ending date. This rule applies to humans, machinery, any physical product and also virtual application, whether it is for mobile devices or computers. But the latest news is our favorite Window 7 & completed their life span on January 14, 2020. This big new for every Business IT Support Melbourne provider company as well as common people who are familiar with windows application.

Generally, Microsoft provides 10 years of product support for every windows version, just like for windows 7 this support start from October 22, 2009. So, windows 7 completed its life span and now Microsoft not provide any update or further security support to the version of Windows 7. Now you have to thig what should be your next move?

If you take an opinion from Microsoft, then they strongly endorse that you should adopt Windows 10 for great features and longer support services. But as a curious mind, you thought what next? Then give your important few minutes to us here we give you complete information with this guide.

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What happened if I continue with the window 7 platforms for my system?  

If we search about the mainstream support for windows 7 then we can find it actually ended on January 13, 2015. So, from that until now it will run in the warranty period. Now you do not get any supports, updates, resolution for issues and bugs and other security features from Microsoft.

After knowing this, if you want to run your system on windows 7, then your system does not have any protection against any type of threat. You can be sitting on risky sit where you can lose your entire data anytime, anywhere event though small virus attack. So, you should take help from the cloud services from the Managed It Services Melbourne to provide the company to protect your data.

What should be your confident next action?

Running on windows 7 should be always riskier, and if we run any business, then we are never to take this risk because your company has a dependency on this data. So, if you take an opinion from your Business, It Support Melbourne provider agency or any experts then they also suggest you should mover a new operating system with an upgraded version of windows that is Windows 10.

Upgradation has many benefits that you take with minimal charges. One of the main benefits is you protect your confidential data.

Summing up,

From the above discussion, one conclusion arrives that you should accept the suggestion from the Business It Support Melbourne and change your support from Windows 7 to Windows 10 when Windows 7 complete its life cycle.