Have you ever noticed how many different kinds of Exercise Mat are out there? It seems like every day, another kind comes along. But do you really need all those options? Do they all serve the same purpose?

Let’s say a little bit about the differences between yoga mats and exercise mats so that we can figure out which one best fits your needs!

Yoga mats are usually slim, no thicker than about 1/4 inch.

These differences can make a big difference in your experience of yoga. If you’re a beginner, it’s important to find a Exercise Mat that is comfortable and not too thick. The more advanced you are, the thicker and firmer your mat should be.

If you want to take up yoga but don’t know where to start, consider buying an exercise mat instead of a yoga mat. This is because exercise mats are usually cheaper than yoga mats; they’re also easier to clean since they’re made from PVC plastic, which doesn’t absorb sweat like natural rubber does.

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Yoga mats are usually made of synthetic materials.

A yoga mat is typically made of a synthetic material, such as plastic or rubber. These mats are often more durable than an Exercise Mat and can be used for a variety of purposes. Some people use them to clean their floors, while others use them when doing physical activities outside the home.

The most common type of yoga mat is usually made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which is inexpensive and easy to find at any local store or online retailer like Amazon or Walmart.

There is more variety in size for yoga mats.

Yoga mats are usually thinner than exercise mats and come in a wider range of sizes. The standard length of a yoga mat will be around four feet (1.2 meters), while the standard width is one foot (.3 meters). However, you can find longer and wider versions as well if you need them.

They’re made from synthetic materials that are non-slip, so they won’t move when you’re practicing your poses or flowing through vinyasa sequences on them. This also makes them durable; some brands even say their products will last ten years with proper care!

Yoga mats are purposefully non-slip.

Yoga mats are designed with a non-slip surface, which is important for safety. If your feet lose their grip while in downward dog or any other yoga pose, it could lead to injury.

Exercise mats are not designed with this in mind—they’re designed to cushion falls and provide comfort during high-impact exercises like jumping jacks or burpees.


The main difference between a yoga mat and an Exercise Mat is that yoga mats are made specifically for the practice of yoga. They’re usually thinner than exercise mats, which makes them easier to fold up and store away when not in use.

You can choose from many different colours of gymnastics pads and patterns depending on your personal preferences as well as whether or not you want something that’s easy to clean after use (this may be important if you have kids!).